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Annual Easter Sunrise Service at Grace Mennonite.

2014 04 michael leona

Leona Hildebrand and Michael Dueck of the Eastman Choral Society.

Leona's scarf brightened up the studio and so did the conversation as Michael and Leona shared with AM1250's Michelle Sawatzky about the annual sunrise service that the Eastman Choral Society puts on. It happenes at 7:00 a.m. on Sunday, Easter Sunday at the Grace Mennonite Church. The choir will be joined by the Winnipeg Brass Quintet and hopefully you. You can listen to more of what Leona and Michael had to say in the AM1250 Podcasts. Happy Easter!!

Winter Paralympic Gold Medallist and Manitoban - Dennis Thiessen.

2014 04 dennis and cakeDennis Thiessen cutting his special cake.

The crowd at the Manitoba Sports Hall of Fame was in a celebratory mood last night with conversation, laughs, hugs, tears and the warm memories of a successful Sochi performance for Manitoba Paralympian Dennis Thiessen. Dennis was wearing his gold medal. Last night's recognition night was organized by the Canadian Sport Centre of Manitoba -- AM1250's Al Friesen and Michelle Sawatzky had the privilege of hosting the event at the Manitoba Sports Hall of Fame. It was pretty well full of family, friends and people Dennis had curled with or against. What a night!! His advice at the end of it all -- enjoy the journey. Dennis, we are enjoying your journey with you -- thanks for allowing us all to come along!

2014 04 dennis and michelle

Paralympic Gold medal curler Dennis Thiessen with AM1250's Michelle Sawatzky at the Manitoba Sports Hall of Fame last night.

Sharing Our Stories - Hope of Recovery

Did you know that 1 in 5 Canadians will be diagnosed with a mental health problem in any given year? Then you also need to know that there IS hope for recovery and "Sharing our Stories" has a positive message for us all.  In fact, at noon yesterday, an event took place in Steinbach called "Sharing our Stories". Organizer Kim Heidinger sat down with AM1250's Stephanie Andrews before the event began and Stephanie asked her to tell us what this event is going to do for people dealing with mental health... you can hear her answer and a whole lot more in the AM1250 Podcasts.

Rare Lunar Eclipse this morning.

2014 04 lunar eclipse

Photo courtesy of Lois Fast.

(The following text was prepared by Lois Fast)

The early Tuesday morning hours displayed a rare phenomenon - the first total lunar eclipse in what is known as a blood moon tetrad. The moon becomes a reddish orange because of sunlight that is filtered and refracted by the earth’s atmosphere.

Although the blood moon spectacle has occurred many times throughout history, a blood moon tetrad is significant in that it consists of 4 consecutive blood moons, all of which occur on Jewish feast days. In this present cycle, the first blood moon today marks the beginning of the Jewish Passover, which commemorates the ancient Israelites’ exodus from slavery in Egypt. The Torah states that the Israelites were spared the final 10th plague – the death of the first born, by painting the blood of a lamb on their doorways. This plague “passed over” all families who protected themselves in this way. The last three blood moons in this tetrad will occur consecutively on 08 October, 2014 (Sukkot), 04 April, 2015 (Passover) and 28 September, 2015 (Sukkot).

Besides the fact that all previous blood moon tetrads have occurred on Jewish feast days, it is striking to note that is was during the last tetrads in 1967 – 1968 that the six day war occurred in which Jerusalem was captured. Research reveals that a significant historical event or events, affecting the Jewish people and impacting the world, have occurred during the ‘season’ of each previous blood moon tetrad in the past. Besides the tetrads mentioned here, previous blood moon tetrads have occurred in 1949 - 1950, 1493 - 1494, 860AD – 861 AD, 842 AD – 843 AD, 795 AD – 796 AD, 162 AD – 163 AD. Further detailed information regarding the blood moon tetrad can be found at NASA’s web site:

Sheldon, Stacey and Peyton Froese - Maximum Fitness Sports Stars of the Week!

2014 04 peyton pistons1

#17 Damien Kulynych and 5-year-old Peyton Froese

All families who opened their homes to our Steinbach Pistons are stars!! They were their homes away from home and the support they needed to be the best they could be on the ice. Sheldon Froese could not say enough about what a great experience having a "big brother" for their son Peyton was. It's a special thing to welcome someone into your home, and really into your family and for that -- the Froese's are this week's "Maximum Fitness Sports Stars of the Week". Thank you and CONGRATULATIONS!