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Steinbach Huskies add Golf to their Schedule!

2014 09 brian sawatzky

Brian Sawatzky is the manager for our Steinbach Huskies and he stopped by the AM1250 Studio to let us know about a fundraising golf tournament that they are hosting next Saturday, September 27th at Quarry Oaks. They have lots of room to register and they need to raise some money to keep the teams going -- so, sign up!! It's easy --  just email Sign up a team and enjoy golf, a steak dinner, lots of prizes, Jets tickets and more!! Go Huskies!!

The Release of Burning Ember: The Steve Bell Journey


Many of Manitoba's musical bright lights gathered at the Metropolitan Entertainment Centre last night to pay tribute to one of Manitoba's most popular and enduring musicians. Al Simmons, Don Amero, Jaylene Johnson and others joined Steve Bell, who is celebrating 25 years as a solo artist in 2014. It's a milestone that is also being recognized with the release of the documentary, Burning Ember, the Steve Bell Journey. Al Friesen was part of last night's VIP screening, and caught up with Director Andrew Wall of Refuge 31 films. Andrew shared how he first came to know Steve, and feel the story was worth telling

Aaron Burnett and Don Amero, who will tour with Steve this fall, were also at last night's screening




Braiden got his ELF Bike!!

The specialized solar powered electric ELF bike has been received for one Mitchell resident.

Annette Krahn organized a fundraiser in early July for her 19-year-old son Braiden who has high-functioning autism.  Since Braiden cannot drive a car she wanted to provide him with a form of transportation which would give him independence.

"They custom make it, so it takes eight weeks to get it made," says Krahn.  "So from the time we ordered it to the time we got it takes a full eight weeks.  We got it last week Friday (September 12, 2014) and Braiden's been enjoying it."

The bike will eventually be painted blue after repairs are complete from accidentally flipping it on it's side.  Braiden had a few bruises notes Krahn, but otherwise was okay.

"It's been going really good so far.  I got it about a week ago and it's really made my life easier," notes Braiden when asked if he's been enjoying his bike.  "It's a little unusual from what I'm used to but I'm starting to get used to it."

Krahn adds to say hi when you see Braiden driving down the street and he says he'll give a little wave back.

2014 09 braiden krahnBraiden enjoying his ELF bike

Fireworks Show at A.D. Penner Park last night!!

KK Penner Tire Center had their company picnic at AD Penner Park in Steinbach and treated the whole community to a free fireworks show put on by Canfire. AM1250's Michelle Sawatzky and her boys were not going to miss this show -- and it was AMAZING!!



Steinbach Corn Maze and Adventures - Ready for You!!

2014 09 gord blatz

Gord Blatz, owner of Steinbach Corn Maze and Adventures, stopped by the studio this morning to talk about the Corn Maze and to tell us that there is a whole lot more than that there!! The go-karts, the indoor mini-golf, the indoor mazes, and the party rooms!! The party rooms are fully equipped with a table, fridge and sink and they're heated. So, on these cool fall evenings... send the kids out to have a party in the maze and with all of the activities and then they can warm up with food, drinks and fun in the party room. Great idea!! They are open Thursdays to Sundays from 1-8 pm (start time) and long weekends too! Thanks Gord.