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Amazing Family Carving Night! Sent in by Vera Voth!

2014 10 pumpkins vera voth 2

WOW!!! We asked you to send us your pumpkin creations and Vera Voth sent us THIS!! She included this short message in her email, "Results from our family's carving night this week." Isn't that just amazing!! AND making it a family event... great idea Vera! Thanks for sharing and thank you for listening!! Happy Halloween!

Defend Dignity - End Prostitution and Human Trafficking - in the Southeast!

2014 10 terri wiebe

Terri Wiebe who stopped by the AM1250 Studio this morning to talk about the "Defend Dignity" event that is taking place in Steinbach on Sunday, November 2nd, 6:00 pm at the Emmanuel Evangelical Free Church.

We may not think it's happening here, we may not want to talk about it, but we know now that it IS happening here and young people need us to become more aware and hopefully once we are, help make the situation better. "Defend Dignity" is a justice initiative of the Christian and Missionary Alliance of Canada. They are coming to bring multiple presenters to speak on the topic of human trafficking and sexual exploitation. In Canada the most common end point of that is prostitution. There is lots to know and we need to be aware to do our best to keep those who are most vulnerable - safe. Take a listen to Terri's conversation with AM1250's Michelle Sawatzky to get the whole story.  Thank you Terri.

Computer Help is on the Way at Jake Epp Library!

2014 10 carolyn graham

Carolyn Graham stopped by to tell us about Cameron. The Jake Epp Library received a new grant to fund having Cameron around. He is there to answer ANY computer or technology questions we may have. Whether you'd like to set up an email account, attach a picture or even simpler -- turn the computer on... set up your IPad or phone... no question is too simple. He wants to help you with that. Listen in on Carolyn's conversation with AM1250's Michelle Sawatzky in the AM1250 Audio Vault and sign up at the Jake Epp library if you need some help!

Junior Curling is set to go in Steinbach.

2014 10 susan gudmundson

Susan Gudmundson is one of the organizers of the Steinbach Junior Curling Club and she is excited about getting started. It's for all young people from the ages of 11-17. Registration is taking place Wed.Nov.5 from 5-7 pm in the Steinbach Curling Club lobby and they will start curling Wed.Nov.12 4:30-6 pm. FUN!

Dennis Krahn is asking us all to Give the Gift of Life.

2014 10 dennis krahn

Dennis Krahn is asking this because he has been a recipient of blood that has been given many, many times. 9 years ago, Dennis was diagnosed with a chronic form of leukemia. His white blood cells attack the red blood cells in his body and he needs a tranfusion every time to build them back up. Since that time, he's had about 35 transfusions and 21 of them have been in the last 10 months. Without that blood, Dennis wouldn't be alive. So, he knows, first hand that giving blood saves lives. You can hear his whole story as he shared it with AM1250's Michelle Sawatzky in the AM1250 Audio Vault. Thank you Dennis for encouraging us to give!! Blood -- it's in us to give!!