Steinbach Has New Mayor And Some New School Trustees

Steinbach's new mayor says long range planning is going to be his main focus.
Chris Goertzen beat out Dwight Reimer in Wednesday night's election. He received 2,424 votes compared to Reimer's 1,042. Goertzen says he's excited to have won and is quick to thank his many supporters and everyone who has worked hard on his campaign. Dwight Reimer is disappointed with the results saying "no one goes into this to lose." He says not being on city council gives him the opportunity now to work with some local organizations and he looks forward to that. As for the new city council, here's what it looks like; Jac Siemens received 2,387 votes, incumbent Art Rempel had 1,974, Micheal Zwaagstra got 1,773, Abe Hiebert is in with 1,721 votes, incumbent Elbert Toews got 1,513, and former Winkler city councillor Roy Enns is in with 1,484.
Meantime, there are some familiar faces representing Steinbach on the Hanover School Board. Gerry Klassen returns with 1,481 votes and Ron Falk is back with 1,397 votes. Both men agree a new middle school for our city is at the top of the priority list and Klassen says an expansion of the vocational area at the S.R.S.S. is also very important for our youth. The other 2 trustees for Steinbach are Randy Hildebrand, who received the most votes with 1,658, and Cyndy Friesen with 1,532.