Providence College Is Keeping Up With The Technology

MP Toews cuts ribbon in front of the E-prov "classroom"
The Providence College in Otterburne has found a clever way to instruct students that are not even in the same province.  They will be utilizing a new program called E-prov. This is a program that, through cameras, microphones and the power of the Internet will stream live lectures and seminars straight to any e-prov user. Just like any classroom there will be a teacher directing the class. But in this case some of the students might not even be within 100 miles of the teacher. I guess that takes the whole ruler punishment out the window.

Member of Parliment Vic Toews says "It's a great thing that brings learning from this institution into the broader communities".

E-prov will offer a wide variety of classes for students to pick from. For the students who will we on campus, they will be able to enjoy the brand new lecture hall that is currently being built. Now construction is expected to be complete by mid-august and ready for the first classes coming this September.
A look at E-Prov, the future of distance education