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Book Sale Raises Money For Future PCH

2013 10 books1

A book fair at Clearspring Centre in Steinbach last week raised just over $2,700 for East Borderland Community Housing.

Chair Elsa Laing says they're fundraising for a Personal Care Home, which is phase two of this housing project. Phase one saw the construction of fifteen housing units for elderly persons. The project was completed in 2012 with occupancy September 1, 2012.

The Personal Care Home has yet to be approved. Laing says her group is currently in discussions with Southern Health-Sante Sud and met with the Health Minister in spring. 2013 10 books2

"We are hopeful but a decision has not been made at the government level," she says. "The need has been there for many, many years. We see it as an urgent need that keeps increasing in urgency."

Laing says presently, seniors are being forced to head to Vita, Steinbach or even further if they need a PCH. She adds that is a considerable distance for family and friends to travel for visitation.

If or when a PCH is approved, Laing says the local community will be required to fund ten per cent of the capital project. Right now they're projecting that number could be approximately $700,000. Laing says they have a commitment from the RM of Piney for $400,000 and the East Borderland Community Housing Inc. itself has an additional $100,000.

"We'd like to raise another $25,000-50,000," she says.

One way of doing that is through these used book sales, which the Incorporation has been doing for the past five years. Laing says last week's sale was a smaller sale but it still generated more than $2,700. The goal had been $2,500. The books are all donated and this time around they had nine pallets worth of reading material up for sale.

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