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How To Save A Life

Jacqui Broesky can teach you and your friend or coworkers how to save lives through C.P.R. 

You can book a class with her by going to www.triofirstaid.ca

Not only does Jacqui teach C.P.R. She also teaches people how to use a defibrillator. CLEAR!!!

C.P.R. Saves Arlene's Life

Stoneybrook Middle School Librarian, Arlene Monkman's heart stopped and she collapsed in school. Fortunately Jacqui Broesky was there and good thing she knew CPR. Watch the video and hear Arlene's touching story. 

What Is Bullying?

Around 1200 people showed up at the Bill 18 meeting at the SCHS. One of the topics they discussed was the way the bill describes bullying. Many parents are concerned that it paints too broad of a picture of what bullying is. That even harmless teasing can be taken as bullying. Corny Rempel asked local school kids what they thought bullying was and the difference between teasing and bullying. Here's their answers. 

Midsummer Night's Dream

The SRSS is putting on a production of "Midsummer Night's Dream" at the Regional Theatre this weekend. Selenna Hildebrand, Josh Robson and Tristan Orchyk joined the MIX Morning Show to tell us all about it. Listen to the whole conversation in the MIX Audio Vault.

2013 02 midsummer nights dream

Racing at Loewen's

The Ultimate Walk-Off Championship! They cleared out a part of the warehouse, built an obstacle course, collected donations for a local charity, and had a race between the CEO and another fellow speedwalker. Do you think your CEO is up to the challenge?

Perhaps your business would like to challenge the winner? Contact MIX at 346-0000 and we'll set it up!