Toys Days is underway in Steinbach and the need is great. 

“We’ve surpassed our budget number already from a hamper perspective,” says Carolyn Peters with Steinbach Community Christmas. “Joanne and I had to look this morning; we've surpassed the toy number by over 200 toys for kids. And we knew this was coming, with the state our economy is in, the families that we have welcomed into our community from war-torn countries, we knew this was coming. We need the community more than ever.” 

Hamper registrations are being accepted until the end of Wednesday, November 30th. Peters says, by the morning of November 30th, they had received requests for 1,240 hampers which is 40 more than last year.

A man and woman drop off toys at Toys Days in Canadian Tire.Experiencing the joy of giving during Toys Days at Canadian Tire in Steinbach, November 30th and December 1st.

Those hampers will need at least 1,869 toys for children up to the age of 17 years. 

Peters appreciates the support from various organizations and schools who have already donated toys.  

Toys Days is underway at Canadian Tire in Steinbach, on November 30th and December 1st from 8am to 8pm. 

“These two very specific days are just for our community to come together in one place and to be able to share the joy of giving,” Peters says, inviting everyone to be part of this annual event that is so important in making sure all families have what they need for a special Christmas. 

She says our community is generous and always comes through, ready to support each other. And that is key in making sure Community Christmas continues. 

“There are so many kids who have come in from out of country and they've come in from war-torn countries, they've come in from poverty, and we are so blessed here,” Peters says. "And the fact that we can light up their life with one toy, which will probably cost you $20 to $25, that will make their day, it will make their year."

Bring your donation to Toys Days at Canadian Tire in Steinbach and help make sure every child has a toy to unwrap on Christmas morning.