Ringette is a sport that has recently been growing in the southeast, and winter sport sign-ups are happening soon. 

Steinbach Ringette is hosting Come Try Ringette on Wednesday September 13th at 6pm at the T.G. Smith Arena. 

Courtney Priest with Steinbach Ringette says it’s been great to see more people interested in playing ringette, including her own daughter. 

“It's been a great experience. I mean, I'm only a year in with my daughter and what a wonderful year it was. She was brand new to skating, had never done it before, and watching those kids pick it up so quick is just so fun.” 

Her daughter had a great time at the event last year, and decided to join ringette after having that fun experience. 

“She sought this out herself and she's took a lot of ownership onto the sport.”  

Priest says it has been rewarding to see her daughter set goals and achieve them. 

“We have videos of her day one, two weeks in, one month in, and then throughout the year. She could stand on the skates, but that was it, and now she is full on skating backwards, forwards, stopping left and right.” 

They have instructors from Ringette Manitoba coming out to train any individuals that are wanting to play.  

New players get a $200 discount and Priest notes they will have their used equipment sale.  

“Me personally, that's where I picked up most of my equipment last year, as we all know sports can be expensive.” 

Come Try Ringette is a free event. It’s on Wednesday, September 13th at the T.G. Smith Arena. 

It is open to all ages, boys and girls, you just need skates and a helmet. 

Register for Come Try Ringette at steinbachringette.com. 

If you're interested in signing up that night, there will be board members present that night to give you more information. 

Girl playing ringette

Kids playing ringette


With files from Dave Anthony


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