His goal was to have fun, soak in the whole experience and if possible, cross the finish line in under three hours. And 27 year old Steffan Reimer of Blumenort accomplished all three Monday morning in Boston.

Today marked the 120th running of the historic Boston Marathon. Reimer, a teacher at Mitchell Elementary School first qualified for this race last May in Fargo. But, just because his time was good enough to qualify, didn't mean he would be accepted. And, so after a DNF in the Manitoba Marathon last June, Reimer took his running shoes to Regina in September and eclipsed the Boston qualifying time yet again, this time by about four and a half minutes.

Reimer lined up with approximately 30,000 participants today on Patriots' Day in Boston.

(Steffan Reimer wears medal after race)"This was bar none the greatest athletic experience I've ever had," says Reimer. "Literally over one million fans supporting you all the way, running with thirty thousand other runners, it is the pinnacle of running here in North America."

Reimer says he kept a steady pace throughout, knowing that in order to break three hours, he would need to average about 6 minutes and 50 seconds per mile. But he says it was difficult not to get caught up in the excitement from the crowds and the thought of taking part in such a historic event in a historic city.

"It was difficult to try to slow down, maintain, just take deep breaths, keep the pace you got going," he says. "The history of every corner on the course has something special to it."

Reimer says there really weren't a whole lot of surprises during the race. Having done his homework, he knew what to expect. But as for Heartbreak Hill, Reimer says it is everything it's cracked up to be. Though not an extreme elevation change, Reimer says Heartbreak Hill is about half a mile in length and lands between Mile 20 and Mile 21, about the time many runners hit the wall.

"After you get to the top at Mile 21 it's all downhill into Boston," says Reimer. "And then the crowds really start getting thick and really start getting loud and it is a rush. It was no problem keeping pace once Heartbreak Hill was behind me."

Reimer crossed the finish line in 2 hours 58 minutes and 35 seconds, not only breaking the three hour mark but setting a Personal Best at the same time.

Reimer says his body felt very good after the race and notes he's not sure what's next on his running bucket list.

"Nothing's ever going to come close to this," he says.

As for this spring, Reimer has plans on running Let's Run - Steinbach in May and then hopefully the Manitoba Marathon again in June.

Reimer was one of 41 Manitobans to take part. The 27 year old was the youngest male competitor from this province.