A boil water advisory has been issued for anyone connected to the Grunthal water system.
Rob Driedger is Manager of Engineering and Utilities for the Rural Municipality of Hanover. He explains that as part of their annual reservoir cleaning yesterday, an air lock was created within the system which shut down their distribution pumps in Grunthal. This resulted in a temporary loss of water pressure.

"As a result of that, Manitoba regulations through the Office of Drinking Water require that we now put a boil water advisory for a minimum of 48 hours," says Driedger.

Driedger says before the advisory can be lifted, the water must pass two tests to confirm there is no coliform in the system. He is hopeful the advisory can be lifted Friday morning. 

He adds it is possible that residents may have noticed a discolouration in the water when they turned on their taps yesterday evening or this morning. 

The Province of Manitoba has a boil advisory fact sheet available for residents.