Woodridge had its 3rd annual ‘Car Show on the Ridge’ on Sunday, May 26. The original date was planned for Saturday, but due to weather conditions, it was decided to have it the following day.  

It was a beautiful day to be outside and see some awesome cars, trucks, semis, and so much more. From new to old they had it all, and every single one was unique. 

Lawrence and Delores Clavelle, Woodridge Community Club members, presented the idea of the Car Show to the Community Club to help raise money for the Hall and the Woodridge Fire Department.  

Clavelle speaks about the volunteers and all the work they put into the event each year. 

“Without the volunteers, you have nothing. There are many volunteers here at all the tables and inside organizing the draws, music, phone calls, posters, there are dozens of people,” says Clavelle. “It takes months. We’ve been talking about this and starting to organize over three months ago.” 

Clavelle has participated in car shows before and even has a truck and car entered at Woodridge. He goes on to mention his favourite part of the day.

​​​​​​Lawrence Clavelle's Rat Rods at the Car Show​​​​​​Lawrence Clavelle's Rat Rods at the Car Show


“Seeing the people come out,” he explains. “I’ve been going to car shows myself for years and I never thought I’d end up running one. But there’s no way I could do it without all the help of everybody.” 

The event also had a BBQ lunch, 50/50, silent auction, live music, and prizes for fan-favourite cars. 

Kumaran Reddy of Woodridge is also a member of the Community Club. He was able to get a grant from the RM to help put on live music for the Car Show. 

He also is a car enthusiast and looks forward to the show every year.  

“I’m a gearhead,” Reddy explains. “Big cars, engines, shiny cars. I love it, that’s my beat.” 


Check out some photos from the day: