“What started out as a 2 million dollar swimming pool in 2014 turned into a 5 million dollar commitment for a Community Recreation Centre which turned into a 22 million dollar project for a school that turned into a 42 million dollar centerpiece for our community.”

During its ceremonial grand opening Tuesday morning, Mayor Myron Dyck proudly described the evolution of what is now the Niverville High School.

Student Nick Johnson holds the key to the school next to Principal Kimberly Funk

“This did not just happen,” stresses Dyck, “It happened because people came together and worked together for a single cause; the common good of the community.”

Dyck addressed a gymnasium full of high school students, staff, parents, and Niverville residents. His speech was accompanied by others from Minister of Education Kelvin Goertzen and MLA Ron Schuler. The politicians each shared the same boyish excitement over the new space, and they were not alone.

Now fully operational for two months, Superintendent Randy Dueck says the high school is everything the division had dreamed.

“It’s everything and more than it was cracked up to be, it’s amazing!” he comments. “These students have come from very cramped quarters and are now able to have space with room to grow.”

Those in attendance were invited for refreshments and student-led school tours after the assembly. A similar tone of awe was also present as students themselves spoke to the crowd. They commended the division for the work they had put into making the building beautiful as well as conducive to learning.

Dueck notes that the exodus of these high school students from what is now the Niverville Middle School has simultaneously improved that facility as well.

“They too have a lot more elbow room now,” offers Dueck who says minor renovations to the back entrance, library, and science lab will further benefit the older building.

As Dueck explains, the only blaring challenge with the new school is its current lack of a music wing. High school band students in Niverville are still forced to visit the middle school for their classes and will continue to do so until the second part of their school is complete. Even in that regard, Dueck says things are well on their way.

“Phase Two is well under construction. It’s completely closed-in and looks great from the outside. We have a deadline of spring but things seem to be going very well so we may see it finished before then."

The incoming addition will include a much-needed band room, a drama room, and a daycare centre for 74 kids.

Students, staff, parents, and Niverville residents were all welcomed to the grand opening ceremony.