“The work that you do with our organization will have an impact- you’re changing lives.”  

Tracy Whitby has been with Agape House for nearly a decade, where they are currently looking to fill the role of shelter support worker. This is a very important position, as it is the one that keeps Agape running 24/7.  

“We’re very socially-focused. We’re an empathetic organization. We support individuals. So we’re always looking for a specific type of person, almost more than their qualifications.” Whitby continues. “If you like work where no two days are the same, there’s always something new happening, you’re always dealing with different people, apply. Helping people can range from doing groups and programs, taking intakes or calls, doing puzzles or watching shows with families, or keeping the kids entertained in the backyard. It’s always something different every single day.” 

As the organization’s main service is working with woman and children experiencing domestic violence, new hires are women… most of the time.  

“It depends on qualifications,” Whitby explains. “We also support men through crisis calls, programs, and non-residential supports. If someone is male and they’re not able to find shelter, we can support them in other ways, like making referrals to men’s resources. We will never leave anybody without supports in place. We make sure everybody is safe.” 

Many years with Agape House has taught Whitby much about what this team can accomplish. 

“Seeing the organization grow from where we started to where it is now fills me with so much pride. I’m so incredibly proud of the team we have. I’m so excited for the future and what kind of team we’re going to build, and how we can offer even more support. This small group of women has accomplished so much, and it’s exciting to think about what’s next.” 

Earlier this year, the province announced a new funding model for Manitoba’s ten shelters. Agape House has not had a funding increase for over a decade, so this announcement is long overdue. The best part? This new funding model is based on specifics within each community.  

“It’s made a big difference!” Whitby clarifies. “It’s making us relevant. It’s giving us the opportunity to restructure our organization, to bring in roles that better support our clients, build in sustainability, and address capacity gaps. It’s a really, really exciting time.”  

The new funding has allowed Agape House to move forward with a double staffed model, which in turn expanded their ability to bring on new individuals, as well as offer current employees advancement opportunities within the organization.  

“There has always been opportunity for advancement, but now it’s even more so!” 

While the additional funding is beyond welcome, Whitby emphasizes that they are currently, and will always be, in need of support and donations from the community.  

“We’ve been so grateful to our community for all the supports they’ve given us, and we still need those donations to do the work that we’re doing, but now we’re able to look at situations from a place of sustainability. Security. To know that we can make these decisions long-term and build in systems for succession planning, for addressing gaps, and maybe giving our staff a bit more support as well.”  

To those considering applying at Agape House, Whitby shares these words of encouragement: 

“You’re changing lives. You’re giving people the ability to make healthier, better decisions for their families going forward. That has huge impact in the moment, but it also has a ripple effect- it impacts future generations. You are planting that seed.” Whitby continues. “If you care about helping people, seeing change, and making your community a healthier place, Agape House might be a good fit for you.” 

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Graphic for Agape House