Chicken Chef in Steinbach was the scene of a break-in early Tuesday morning.

Owner Suke Koeuth says the culprit or culprits used the service ladder to climb to the banquet room, gained entry into the building and then stole both an iPad and cash register from the restaurant. Koeuth received a call from his alarm company at approximately 4:50 am.

"We feel violated, that's for sure," says Koeuth. "It's not a good feeling when this happens."

Koeuth says he is pretty sure that this was a professional as he was able to avoid the outside camera.

Koeuth says thankfully they did not steal anything that was food related as this happens to be a busy time of year and they are catering a banquet today. But he says it is very frustrating, especially considering the rising costs of operating a restaurant.

Anyone who is able to identify the suspect is asked to contact Steinbach RCMP.