The R.M. of Ste. Anne council heard from a resident on Wednesday who was looking for approval to have a ready-to-move home on his property in ward one. 

Frank Bachinski had applied for a conditional use order and a variation order, both necessary for him to proceed with his plan to bring in a 2013 RTM onto his land, which is zoned as Agricultural. 

He proudly told council that his family has been on that land since 1896 and offered a brief rundown on the condition of the previously owned RTM that he was hoping to move onto his property. 

Council heard that the building is in great condition, and that Bachinski plans to remove the existing mobile home from the property as soon as the RTM is in place. 

Bachinski was asking for council to reduce the required front setback from 125 feet to 100 feet. 

At the public hearing, it was noted that nobody had filed any objections to the applications, which council approved with what administration refers to as "standard conditions."