Making fresh-meat less meddlesome to attain is on the RM of Ste Anne Council’s agenda.

“The way things are right now,” explains Councillor Brad Ingles, “if you’re a small hobby farmer without a trace number, you can’t raise an animal to donate to a foodbank.”

Ingles understands the need for tracing animals and cites diseases as a likely reason before offering his own suggestion.

“If you take an animal to the abattoir and it doesn’t have a tag, the federal inspector could record where it came from and trace it back without having to go through the Trace Board and registering your farm.”

Ingles says it makes sense for a farm in production to adhere to current protocols but not so much for the hobby farmer who would like to donate an animal or two a year.

“We’re putting it forward, through the Association of Manitoba Municipalities to lobby the government,” says Ingles in regard to the changes he would like to see.

The A.M.M. is having their district meeting this month where Ingles says they will be voting on the issue again.