There is Rub-R-Wall waterproofing for homes and businesses, and then, quip River City Coatings co-owners Frank de Rocquigny and Chester Wohlgemuth say, there is “everything else.”

“There’s nothing comparable with this,” Frank explains. “This is actually the only true waterproofing system out there.”

“This,” the duo explains, is Rub-R-Wall – a liquid-applied, single-component, 100% rubber waterproofing membrane. It is seamless, impermeable, non-toxic, non-carcinogenic and environmentally friendly. Remarkably, it’s also backed by a limited lifetime warranty, with a life expectancy of over 100 years.

“I thought it was too good to be true,” says Frank, who has worked in the construction industry his entire professional life. “But once you see it, you’re sold.  Mike Holmes actually promotes it and says it should be the only waterproofing product used on basements.”

As Chester points out, Rub-R-Wall is a spray-on rubber product, so it is seamless and will stretch and contract. “We use it to waterproof  basements and can be applied on wood, concrete, ICF, and concrete block."

Given the wet springs, Manitobans are accustomed to, it’s also something uniquely suited to the region’s conditions – whether excessive seasonal moisture or, far too often, flooding. River City Coatings offers applications to both residential and commercial properties.

River City Coatings vehicle at a job site

For homeowners, that means no more mold, leaks or concrete deterioration. And business owners can rely on it to protect their investments and preserve structural integrity and longevity.

“Other products that are tar or tar based,” says Frank, citing competing sealants. “And what does tar do? It dries up. It leeches through the ground. It goes away. With Rub-R-Wall, once you spray it, it’s stuck there.”

River City Coatings can work both on new builds and retrofits. In the latter scenario, once a contractor has dug up the foundation and fixed the concrete, they apply the Rub-R-Wall, after which they install Geo-Wrap to the foundation – or to retaining walls, and other underground areas.

“The Geo-Wrap works as a kind of drainage,” explains Frank. “So, we can provide the waterproofing plus a protective drainage system.”

River City Coatings also sells products which include water-based Brush-N-Seal applications for exterior foundation walls, KL-17 water repellents for brick, masonry, concrete, stucco and block surfaces, and a Wrap-N-Drain air gap membrane that prevents backfill soil from resting against foundation walls.

As Chester says, the business is getting busier but is looking to expand. Which isn’t all that surprising, given Rub-R-Wall’s effectiveness and growing popularity.

Based out of Ste. Anne, Manitoba.  River City Coatings can be reached by calling Frank at (204) 890-5116 or Chester at (204) 371-5634. They also have a new website that showcases their work.

Says Chester: “There’s no product like it.”