Update at 3:50 pm, Wednesday, June 5: Suspect in Niverville fatal shooting incident arrested in Saskatchewan

Winnipeg Police Service has provided new information on Wednesday morning's fatal shooting in Niverville.

At approximately 12:40 am, Winnipeg Police Service received information through the RCMP Telecoms regarding a Black Ford F-350 reported stolen from a rural Manitoba municipality southwest of Winnipeg. Information was also provided that the vehicle, occupied by several potentially armed individuals involved in prior criminal activity, was making its way to Winnipeg.

At approximately 12:50 am, a West District General Patrol Unit observed the stolen vehicle near Ness Avenue and Linwood Street. Officers immediately requested assistance from the Flight Operations Unit (Air1), which quickly acquired the stolen vehicle and provided visual containment information on the vehicle and its occupants.

According to police, a lengthy follow ensued, lasting approximately one hour, with Air1 guiding officers to a parking lot on College Crescent in Otterburne. As the Winnipeg Police Service unit entered the parking lot, their cruiser was rammed by the stolen vehicle. Officers immediately engaged the suspects, resulting in a use of force incident involving the officers discharging their firearms. The suspects fled the parking lot.

Police presence in OtterburnePolice presence in Otterburne

Air1 continued to contain the vehicle visually and followed it to a parking lot on Drovers Run in Niverville. Air1 allegedly observed the driver exit the stolen vehicle, enter another vehicle, and flee the area. An adult female passenger attempted to flee on foot; however, responding RCMP officers quickly placed her under arrest.

Winnipeg Police Service officers attended the abandoned stolen truck and located an adult male passenger suffering from a gunshot wound. Officers provided emergency medical care to the victim before the arrival of ambulance; however, he succumbed to his injuries.

The Independent Investigation Unit of Manitoba (IIU) has been notified and has assumed responsibility for the investigation with assistance and support from the RCMP.