If you’re planning to set off a fireworks display near a STARS helipad or landing site, consider giving them a heads up. 

After landing in Ste. Anne for a mission Saturday night, a STARS spokesperson says a fireworks display began in the vicinity of the helipad where their helicopter was parked.  

“Our flight crew did notify local police as a precaution in case the fireworks would interfere with our departure from Ste. Anne, but the fireworks display ended before the aircraft took off again so there was no hindrance to this mission.” 

STARS reports that Fireworks can be dangerous to any aircraft. This is particularly true for the STARS helicopter as their pilots fly with night vision goggles on nighttime missions. 

“Anyone who plans to set off fireworks near a helipad or landing site used by STARS can notify us via e-mail at info@stars.ca. For fireworks displays in the vicinity of an airport, notification should be made by calling the airport directly or Transport Canada’s regional office in Winnipeg at 1-888-463-0521 at least 14 days prior so that pilots can be advised of planned fireworks in the area.” 

STARS appreciate the cooperation of the public to ensure the safe operation of their aircraft so they can be there for the patients who need them. 


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