Green Party Candidate Janine GibsonJanine Gibson will be a Green Party candidate in two separate elections this fall.

A familiar name in politics here in the Southeast, Gibson has been a Green Party candidate on multiple occasions. This year, she says she will be running in the Steinbach riding for the provincial election in September and in the Provencher riding for the federal election in October.

Gibson says running in both elections wouldn’t be possible without the strong team of supporters that are around her.

"Young people really do want to see change and so I have a young green team that is really stepping forward and so many of the young people say it is because of you and the green message that I am taking the time to register to vote and that I am going to take the time to vote. I think it is very important that we get young people engaged in politics."

Gibson says the Green Party’s message of respect for the environment is very important to her as she works as an agriculture consultant helping farmers and food producers implement organic systems. She notes she wants to bring these environmentally friendly principals to Steinbach in September.

"Organic is all about the precautionary principle, taking things carefully, making sure things are healthy for people and healthy for the environment. It's that kind of experience in helping to write our Canadian standards and writing policies that put more resilience in agriculture and into our communities is what I want to bring to Steinbach."

Having lived in the Southeast for much of her life, and having worked in the agriculture sector for 26 years, Gibson says this is an area she cares deeply about.

"Though my work takes me all across North America, my home and my garden and my forest is in the Southeast. Let's put our heads together and do what we need to do to bring Steinbach into an even more health economic position, especially including the young ones and addressing our poverty issues into the 21st Century in a way that we can be proud to pass onto our children and grandchildren."

Gibson says if she is elected, she will work on improving local employment for young people, push for more solar and wind power to augment the green energy we already produce in Manitoba, and shift our focus onto becoming a more environmentally friendly province.