Steinbach MLA Kelvin Goertzen says the new elementary school set to be built in Steinbach will be great for the whole community.

Late last week, Education Minister Cliff Cullen committed $1.6B towards a variety of small and large school-related projects to be completed over the next four years: most notably, a new K-4 school in the west end of the city. Currently, the government has allocated “over $10 million” for the design phase of the school.

llaboration which gets a better result."

Goertzen points to the new Clearspring Middle School, noting a lot of thought went into the design and the result is tremendous. He notes he has been advocating for this project since before he was ever minister of education for the province. 

"Back when I ran for election a couple of terms ago, before we got into government, I talked a lot about how we need to have renewal of infrastructure. When we talk about that, we often think about roads but it is more than that, it is a lot of other things like personal care homes which have been advocated for a long time and of course, schools and recreation."

At this point in time, Goertzen says it is too early to commit to an opening date for the new elementary school but they are hopeful the whole process will only take a few years.

"When I was the minister of education, there was a lot of talk around that timeframe around 2023 or so and that might sort of fit within that, depending on how long the design phase goes on and how the tendering goes but when I was minister of education and we were looking at this project, that is what we were talking about."

Goertzen says this new school announcement adds to a long list of exciting projects in Steinbach including the PCH addition, dialysis coming to town, and HyLife building their new headquarters.