The 2019 Grain World Crop Tour wrapped up last week in Saskatchewan.

The tour focused on western Canada and included farmers, crop scouts, as well as FarmLink and Nutrien staff.

FarmLink's Chief Market Analyst Neil Townsend talked about what they saw in Manitoba.

"Generally speaking closer to Winnipeg or to the east of Winnipeg there is some struggle with the crop," he commented. "It's not quite the garden spot it usually is. We saw a high degree of variability in canola and that's one of the characterizations throughout the entire crop tour was just that canola seems to be behind schedule, still in the flower stage, making it more susceptible, perhaps, to an early frost. The rest of Manitoba, pleasantly surprised, I think there's a lot of potential there. Average in some areas, above average in other areas. Overall, Manitoba's still going to produce a fair size crop."

Townsend says areas east of Portage are dealing with low moisture.

He adds they saw less soybean acres and more wheat and barley acres in Manitoba.