As the Town of Ste. Anne prepares for the Ready-To-Move (RTM) daycare building to arrive in the community, work is underway to construct a brand-new childcare facility. 

Mayor Yvan. St. Vincent is excited to share the few details given to council. 

“The new French daycare has put in a permit and started construction. So, we're excited that there will be some more French daycare spots going into town.” 

The $2.1 M permit is for a 4,662 square foot facility and construction is already underway. 

“It’s actually been pretty low key,” St. Vincent says. “We had heard rumblings that they were going to build and then heard maybe was off again, but finally we saw the permit application come through. So, it's going up in the middle of town where our old bakery used to be. They bought that property and they're building there.” 

Construction work beside a small house.Construction is underway for a new 4,662 square foot daycare centre in the middle of Ste. Anne.

Regarding plans to bring in the promised RTM daycare building, St. Vincent says council has selected Children of the Universe as the childcare provider for that centre which will have 74 spaces. 

Until now, the town has been tight-lipped about a possible location for this government funded facility. 

“They have some soil testing and some things to do before that location becomes official, but our location in mind is right across the street from Ecole Point des Chenes, by the tennis courts.” 

St. Vincent says the community is continuing to grow and they need more childcare spaces to accommodate the increasing number of young families in Ste. Anne. 

Earlier this year, a new Grade 9 to 12 vocational school was announced for the community, and it will include a daycare center.


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