A meteorologist from Environment Canada says we are in for a stretch of hot, windy weather here in the Southeast. 

In fact, the Southeast is now under a heat warning. Natalie Hasell says we are currently feeling the effects of a high-pressure system in western Ontario and a low-pressure system in Saskatchewan. 

“Southern Manitoba is in the gradient between these two centres leading to stronger winds than we have had in the last while. Now, we are not talking warning-criteria winds, but I think the strongest that we have in the forecast right now for the Steinbach area is gusting to 60 km/h tomorrow in the afternoon.” 

Hasell Says these persistently strong winds are expected to stick around until at least Saturday afternoon and will facilitate hot weather here in the Southeast.

“We are going to be skirting warning criteria for heat in Steinbach mainly because the overnight temperatures are so warm but we do also see 32 degrees in the forecast for tomorrow so if it gets hotter today or if the forecast for Saturday is hotter, then that would actually engender a warning.” 

As of 3:30 PM, a heat warning is now in effect with overnight temperatures climbing.

With that in mind, Hasell says you are encouraged to pay close attention to how you are feeling over the next few days. 

“Pay attention to any heat illness symptoms or other symptoms and maybe take this opportunity to discuss that with a doctor. You might have an underlying condition that hasn't been diagnosed yet that shows up during these heat events and then you can plan better for the next one.”  

Hasell adds the smoke and haze we've been seeing will also stick around, even if it's not as bad as it has been. She notes the combination of the smoke and the heat is particularly difficult for susceptible populations. 

“Everyone is affected by heat, everyone is affected by smoke but when you add the two together and you look a little bit more closely, the susceptible populations for both of those situations overlap quite a lot.” 

We should see temperatures, especially overnight, dip a little bit on Sunday and we might see some rain, but Hasell says we can expect more heat next week. 

“It looks warm again in the overnight period starting on Monday and Tuesday and so it is going to be very summery weather despite the fact that it is the end of May.”