The Hanover School Division has been asked to select students to attend a special conference scheduled for early May.

Superintendent Randy Dueck says Manitoba’s Commission on Kindergarten to Grade 12 Education is holding an event where they are encouraging student input on the ongoing education review.

“I think it's fantastic that they want student voice to contribute towards the future of education,” comments Dueck.

According to Dueck, each school division is invited to choose a certain amount of student representatives based on their total population.

“Because we are a school division of 8,000 students, I’m very delighted that Hanover will be able to send four students to participate in that event," he explains, “and the [commission] wants as much diversity in those students, as possible.”

In light of that, Dueck says Hanover plans on selecting four high school students from varying grades and schools throughout the division.

While the exact agenda of this commission-organizes event is still vague, Dueck expects it will mainly focus around the six sections the commission has decided to review, namely: long-term vision, student learning, teaching, accountability for student learning, governance, and funding.

Dueck is thrilled that students are getting the opportunity to provide their unique insight into this education review and hopes similar consultations will follow in the future.

This student consultation event is scheduled on May 3rd and is to take place at a venue in Winnipeg.