A large cheque was presented on Saturday to Safe Families Steinbach during the HyLife Family Fun Days in La Broquerie. 

“I am just... I’m so blown away,” says Michelle Peters after receiving the cheque. “We were not expecting $40,000!” 

HyLife Family Fun Days is an employee driven event which means the staff decide each year which charity will be supported by their fundraising efforts. 

“This year, in the La Broquerie-Steinbach Region, it was Safe Families Steinbach, because of what they want to do with a transitional home, and they want to be able to build something to have even more impact than they have,” says Kevin Geisheimer with HyLife. “There is some strong work that they're doing here locally over the last couple of years to be able to empower them even to think like that, so we felt like it was a good time to select them and help them get to next level.” 

Safe Families Steinbach is planning a new program that will provide support to young adults who are moving out of a family home to live independently. Peters says the goal is to have a transition home where participants will receive a variety of support in learning the basics, from finances and employment to daily living activities like cooking.

A group of HyLife employees with Michelle Peters from Safe Families Steinbach, holding the $40,000 cheque donation.Many Hylife employees shared the joy of Michelle Peters from Safe Families Steinbach with a donation of $40,000 to the organization. Money raised by employees and the charity chosen by employees, Safe Families Steinbach was selected as the recipient this year.

Peters says each adult will be paired with a mentor who can offer encouragement and guidance. 

“I’m looking forward to partnering with other organizations and agencies that work with youth in the Steinbach and surrounding areas so that we can do just amazing things for these kids and build a stronger community,” she says. 

HyLife employees are making an impact in each of their locations. The company held Family Fun Days earlier this month in Killarney and in Windom, Minnesota. This coming weekend, the fun moves to Neepawa. 

“We raised more this year than ever before and we're able to break it up into more than just La Broquerie,” says Geisheimer. “We felt bad that we were only able to do it in La Broquerie, what about the rest? And this year, it feels good that we're doing it here, but everyone else gets to be a part of it too. So it's been a tremendous success.” 

In each of the communities, the selected charity receives $40,000. 

“It makes it fun as a HyLife employee to make that kind of an impact in the community,” Geisheimer says.