"Pure excitement, I think tears were shed."

Christianne Stahl of Kleefeld says that was the reaction from their group of moms upon learning that a daycare was coming to their community. 

On Thursday, the province announced 14 additional communities will be getting daycares in phase two of a joint provincial/ federal initiative. On that list is Kleefeld. 

Stahl, along with Becky Guderian were present for Thursday's announcement in Lorette. The two are part of a group of moms from Kleefeld, that have been working tirelessly the last number of years to try and bring a daycare to their community. 

"It's been a long time, a lot of hard work and multiple attempts of other venues that just weren't working for multiple different reasons," explains Stahl. "So, for this to actually know is coming, is amazing."

Guderian explains that the way this program works is that the Rural Municipality of Hanover will own the building, provide maintenance and not charge rent for at least 15 years. The daycare will be a ready-to-move building supplied by the upper levels of government. 

Guderian says this is badly needed in Kleefeld and has been for a number of years. She notes Kleefeld has been growing "exponentially," with new developments popping up all the time. Stahl adds it seems people are moving into Kleefeld on a weekly basis and are asking whether or not there is a daycare.

"To be able to help people out in that is going to be so amazing," says Stahl.

Happy Hive Childcare Centre in Kleefeld has been approved for 74 spaces. Guderian notes 16 of those spots will be for infants and the other 58 for preschool children. She says they have not been approved for any school-aged spots, which is certainly needed in the community and something they hope to be able to offer at some point in the future. Guderian says the 74 spaces will fill quickly.

"We currently have a waiting list of over 100 people," she points out. "So yes, they would be filled today."

The new daycare will open along Park Avenue, between the Rec Centre and playground. Guderian says it sounds as though the municipality will prepare the site this spring. The daycare will be fenced in and will most likely include a playground. Guderian says they are hoping to open Happy Hive Childcare Centre before the end of the year. 

"We're really excited for our community," says Guderian. "We're all people who need it and we know so many people in the area who need it."

She adds the demographics have changed in Kleefeld in recent years as more and more households have two working parents. This has created an even greater need for childcare space.