The incumbent Conservative candidate in Dawson Trail says he is much more comfortable during this election campaign than last time around when he was a rookie. Bob Lagasse says the experience he has gained over the past three years is a big benefit.

"We've got a lot more wisdom than we did the last time. We know where we want to target now and where we want to talk to people. I did a lot of campaigning during the actual term as the MLA as well, made sure I was accessible, made sure I was available to people. So, it's just this interesting transition this time around, we're going from being pretty much unknown to being someone who is being seen in the communities and helping in any way he can."

Lagasse says the boundaries of his riding have changed considerably through redistribution.

"I ended up losing Ritchot and gained a part of Springfield, so it's a bit of a different jog north. I've lost my bedroom communities over in St. Adolphe, Grand Pointe and Ile des Chenes and gained a lot more agricultural area."

He notes he is getting a mostly upbeat response from voters about the work the Conservatives did in the last term.

"We've been out and about and hearing, at the doors, a lot of positive feedback about the changes that have been occurring under our government. We are doing a lot of the work that we promised we would do. What party can say that they've actually done what they said they were going to do, right? So, reducing the PST has been a huge plus at a lot of the doors. There's been a little misinformation about health care that we've had to correct at a couple of doors, not many, just a few."

The provincial election will take place September 10th.