Heavy equipment moving earth at Steinbach lagoon

The end is in sight for expansion of the Steinbach lagoon, just northwest of the city. The project was extended into this year because of a very wet summer last year.

Head city engineer Phil Kalyta says,"We're working on the final large storage cell. We're working on the floor and building up the south dike. They(construction crews) are trying to get the floor dried out and compacted in our new primary cell. The heat and the few days of no rain is what we need to get that work completed. The last week has been good but we need that to continue for another 3 weeks."

Kalyta adds, if all goes well, they hope to do the final testing and commissioning by the middle of August. Landscaping and fencing would be done later.

Meanwhile, Kalyta tells us the province has implemented new requirements for lagoons. "With the new system, the province is instigating new licence requirements so we have to operate a little differently. We have to meet different environmental parameters for phosphorous and nitrogen which are the big ones which causes us to hold the liquid all summer. We are only going to release it in the fall, whereas with the old system we would release twice a year in the spring and fall. So that's the biggest impact and why we need such a large volume because we have to now, basically, hold all our liquid all year long."

Truck hauls dirt from lagoon site