The Town of Niverville has yet to begin construction on the nearly $1 million they are investing in roadwork. 

In March of 2024, construction for 4th Ave. South project was projected to start in early June. 

As we are now approaching the middle of June, Director of Communications and Public Relations, Cyrus Reimer, says they are looking at starting sometime end of June. 

“And that will be starting with the 4th Ave. South portion of our road repairs, and that will be running from about end of June to end of July—obviously subject to weather and supply chain and all those fun things that go into doing a large infrastructure project.” 

Reimer is hoping they can get the ball rolling on construction shortly. 

“The hope is soon that we'll be able to start because the sooner we can start, the sooner we can get it done and the sooner people can have a brand new roadway to use.” 

As soon as they know construction will be starting, they will be sending out notices on their website, social media, and E-newsletter. 

During construction, Reimer asks residents of Niverville to be patient and understanding. 

“We'll be doing our best to provide access to their properties as much as possible, but obviously, there will be times where they're pouring concrete or when they have to lay down asphalt or things like that, where there might be some difficulties in access to their properties.” 


With files from Adi Loewen