The Seine River water levels rose quite high on Friday, high enough to cause some panic, says the mayor of Ste. Anne.

Richard Pelletier admits the high water was very concerning as the river crept dangerously close to buildings in the community, businesses and residences.

After the gates are adjusted at the Seine River Diversion, river levels recede within hours. (Photo submitted)

The Town quickly contacted the Provincial Water Management Branch which controls the gates at the Seine River Diversion.

Pelletier says the gates had been open too much for the water flow this spring.

He says was scary to see the swollen river get so close to homes and businesses, and the mayor notes there is no blame to be laid.

Pelletier says he is thankful the province is investing in the gates at the diversion, to improve the gates and how they operate.

“The government really did a good job,” he says. “They had a gate that was not working properly probably for the last 10 years. So, they reconstruct the gate and so on at the floodgates to protect the town and so on and so forth.”

After work was completed on the gates, they were returned to the same position they had been in during the drought conditions we experienced last year. 2021 ended with minimal moisture in the ground, so it was determined that it made sense to leave both gates open at 30 per cent flow through the town.

“And I guess with the water, so much water and the speed of water, it was too much,” says Pelletier.