enVision Community Living has sold the Eastman Recycling Services building.

On January 12th, enVision announced they would be shutting down services at Eastman Recycling Services. Executive Director Jeannette DeLong says their goal was to wrap things up by December 2022.

"As part of that process, we decided to put the building up for sale because we, obviously, won't be using it. We are grateful that we were able to sell the building and now that is one thing on the list that is done and we will move forward from here."

his summer will be 30 years and when I think about where it started and where it is today, it is an incredible success story for us and a success story for our community and how the community always steps up to support local non-profits and charities, it is a pretty positive community story."

As the building will not be used for recycling moving forward, the City of Steinbach and surrounding municipalities will need to find new recycling providers.