Pharmasave has been operating in Canada since 1981, with over 800 stores in the country. And now, Pharmasave is making itself known in Steinbach.

By now, this probably isn’t news. Neither is the fact that many Steinbachers now call Pharmasave their pharmacy of choice.

What people might now know is how easy it is to make the switch.

“A lot of people think there are legal documents involved or paperwork to be signed, but it’s not hard at all,” says local Pharmasave owner Scott Penner. “It’s literally just a phone call.”

Making the switch is easy because Pharmasave does all the work. All they need is your verbal consent – in person or over the phone – and they handle the rest.

“We contact their current pharmacy to transfer their records. After that, they can continue picking up their prescriptions as normal,” he says.

Pharmasave can also save you a trip or two to the doctor’s office. Pharmacists can contact doctors or nurse practitioners for prescription refills, can diagnose and treat ailments like UTIs, and are fully injection certified.

“We have a whole range of information available to us with regard to over-the-counter medications and treatments,” says Scott.

If you’re ready to make the switch, Pharmasave is ready to help. And with multiple ways to get in touch, the experience is seamless. Stop by, give them a call, or ask about the app. You can even send and receive texts through their landline! Probably a first in the province, if not Canada.

“We look forward to continuing to connect with the community and give people the help they need,” says Scott.

Open seven days a week: 9 am to 8 pm Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm Saturday, and noon to 5 pm Sunday.

Located in Victoria Plaza at the corner of Main and Brandt, between Crossroads Convenience and Red Apple.