Our provincial government has announced a plan to try and reduce the amount of red tape that is currently faced by physicians.

Health Minister Audrey Gordon says doctors often have excessive administrative requirements that place a burden on their time and take them away from their most important role, which is to provide care to Manitobans when they need it most. Together with Doctors Manitoba, Gordon announced a task force will be constructed in order to find solutions that will benefit doctors, patients and our health care system as a whole. 

The task force will identify unnecessary administrative burdens placed on physicians, set measurable goals and then work with relevant organizations to streamline or eliminate the excessive administrative burden faced by physicians. The task force will also provide guidance and recommendations on how to avoid creating excessive administrative burdens for physicians in the future.

Gordon notes Doctors Manitoba will play a primary role in leading physician engagement to ensure planning and implementation are guided by physicians' experience and advice.

"Doctors go into medicine to care for patients but we are increasingly being diverted away from patient care by excessive and unnecessary administrative work," says Dr. Candace Bradshaw, President, Doctors Manitoba. "We are so pleased the Manitoba government has listened to physicians and agreed to launch this task force to reduce our administrative burdens. This initiative is truly a win-win because it will help to reduce physician burnout and free up physicians to spend more time with our patients."

The task force membership is currently being finalized and will include the following:

  • two co-chairs, one appointed by the Manitoba government and one by Doctors Manitoba;
  • three physician members;
  • a representative from the Department of Health or the health system; and
  • a representative from the Canadian Federation of Independent Business with expertise in red tape reduction.

"This initiative is important on so many levels," says Laura Jones, Chief Strategic Officer, Canadian Federation of Independent Business. "Not only does it promise to improve the lives of doctors and the patients they serve, but it is innovative thinking that can be applied to other policy challenges. Manitoba leadership in red tape reduction continues."

The task force will begin its work immediately and will report to the minister and Dr. Bradshaw. A public report is expected to be released in 2023.

This joint task force is one of the initiatives set out under the retention pillar of Manitoba's $200-million Health Human Resources Action Plan announced in November 2022.