The little chapel in Marchand Manitoba is turning 20 this year.

The chapel, built in 2004, is now in need of a bit of repairs, so they’re hosting a music festival fundraiser for renovations. But as Marchand resident and organizer of the event, Dan, explains it more than that.

"It’s more for our community. There's a lot of folks in our community who are needing a little bit of help and so the fundraiser is kind of for helping in that direction and the money could also go toward food hampers and things like that.”

He says the chapel started out with a small congregation and now, “There have been huge changes, from just a few people to the amount of people that come now. Just folks that are moving into the to the area. So, it's time for change on the building too.”

Marchand Chapel, in MarchandThe Marchand Chapel in Marchand, Manitoba 

The music festival fundraiser is happening on Saturday and Sunday inside the Marchand Community Hall behind the Marchand General Store, rain or shine.

“It starts on Saturday at 3:00 with Sound Foundation, they are a very well-known group. Then we have Ron Lemke and Laura Jane, and Lionel Desjarlais who has traveled all across Canada.”

The two-day concert event continues with The Wollman Family and Glory Bound will wrap up the music Saturday night. Then Sunday afternoon the entertainment continues with the Glenn Cross Quartet, LAF Quartet and New Covenant Quartet.

Ryan Ross, from Marchand Chapel says he remembers the building being built and soon started attending. Ross shares that story.

“Well, it’s a funny story. Gods always got great plans. And I always say that God spends more time laughing at me, than with me. Back in 2016, I went out to Jamaica and while I was out there, God had other plans. Instead of it being a vacation I ended up preaching to a church out there. And when I came back, I did some praying and ended up getting in contact with Pastor Ken (Penner) out in Marchand, and we've been working hand in hand since 2016, and it's been a wild ride. It's been a great ride, and it's just been awesome to be a part of watching God's Kingdom.”

Ross notes they also have youth and kid's programs at the Marchand Chapel. "We have about 30 youth and about 20 kids, and God's just adding on to the church daily.”

Talking about the music festival fundraiser, Ross says, “We have a lot of good talent coming out and we're just excited to celebrate 20 years of God working in Marchand.”

He continues, “We're looking forward to having some older folks come out. People we haven't seen for a while, some new people, some new kids and some new youth. And then really, it's just to celebrate with the community that we've been there for 20-years, and it's been great to watch the community grow through that and be there be able to be there for the community.”

Ross adds that for anyone needing a ride from Steinbach are to meet at 303 3rd Street, Fernwood place by 1:15pm on Saturday.

There are tickets available at Hulls Bookstore, and at the door.

Marchand Chapel Music Festival poster


With files from Corny Rempel and Michelle Sawatzky