Steinbach's new recycling totes are currently being delivered to residents.  

Head of Solid Waste Eldon Wallman says they began delivering the bins in the middle of last week and are already done with a good portion of the city. 

“We are picking one day of the cycle every day and it takes our crew about 5 or 6 hours to put out all of the bins, it's about 1,000 plus bins every day. They are not having fun if it is -25 and blowing outside but it is what it is. We get the job done.” 

In total, Wallman says there are over 6,000 homes that need recycling totes in Steinbach. He reminds residents that each tote is actually the property of the city and each one has a number that is linked to the residence itself. If you move, the tote stays behind. 

With the extreme cold right now, Wallman says many of the lids won’t fully close. He adds “it just has to warm up a little bit and then it does, it will close, that is the first question we are getting.” 

So, what do you do with your old recycling bin? 

Wallman says “my wife and I use it for storage now in the garage, why not? They are great storage bins, so by all means use them. But, if you don't want to do that and you want to recycle it, the next time you are at the landfill, put it at the office up in front and we will take care of it for you.” 

Because the old recycling bins are classified as "bulk plastic" they need to be shredded before being recycled. Wallman says they have a company from Winkler that does that work for them which is why bringing them to the Steinbach Landfill office is the way to go. 

Wallman says they are looking forward to the automated recycling collection system that Bristal Hauling will be implementing later this week. In the future, he adds they would like to see the same system used for garbage. 

“I have been hoping for that for many, many years and I think once people see how slick this is, they are going to want the garbage cans too.”