Niverville Town Council held its bi-monthly meeting, Tuesday morning, which included public hearings regarding several town businesses.  

The first one was regarding a new business in town, Sembhi Renovation Ltd, a cabinet manufacturing company that would like to open its business in the Industrial Park northeast of Niverville.  

The owner of the company was on-hand to answer questions which satisfied the council, who was pleased that he'd received a referral from a friend that Niverville was a great place to build a new business. The Conditional Use Permit was approved unanimously by council.  

The second Public Hearing was for Scott Beasant, who already owns an air-conditioning business in Niverville. Beasant is now bringing in an H-vac company into a building he already co-owns with his father.

Beasant says the 3-unit building has enough parking spots for their clients as well as spots for the other businesses. The property has a fenced-in area and green space with trees. 

Ben Bullert, from Performance Insulation, asked for permission to increase their outside storage space. Council was pleased to hear that their business was growing.

There were no objections from the public to any of the requests. All questions from the council were answered to their satisfaction and were unanimously approved.   

Niverville Town Council Public Hearings September 6thNiverville Town Council Public Hearings on September 6, 2022

Councillor Nathan Dueck speaks about the Public Hearings.  “We had a couple of new businesses get conditional use approvals today. One was a cabinet manufacturing company that we're excited to have in the community. It was a referral. He heard about our business park through a friend. That development has a lot of potential for new businesses coming to town, so really appreciated that.”  

“Then we had one of our residents, Scott Beasant, who recently opened up a neat place in our community. A 3 unit building, 1 of which will be used for an HVAC business and hopeful that will lead us to welcome more businesses coming into town.” 

Dueck notes there was also Performance Insulation which has already been in Niverville for a few years but has now applied to expand his business. “We're really excited to see them expanding their lot size and that they want to continue working in Niverville.” 

“We appreciate all these business owners choosing Niverville and we're really excited to introduce them to the Chamber. I feel that there are really, really good connections that we can put between new businesses and the Chamber to make our community a better place, and also to provide more services for our residents here. Welcome to Niverville.”