The Town of Niverville held a grand opening Thursday morning for their brand-new Community Resource and Recreation Centre.

Mayor Myron Dyck spoke at the ribbon-cutting ceremony and thanked the provincial government, federal government, the Hanover School Division, his fellow councillors, and a whole host of volunteers and donors from the community for making the whole project possible.

"I started in 2004 and there are others that have come before me so 17 years from when I started, to see this day, I will admit there were a lot of days where I wasn't sure if this was going to happen but it just shows what I believe is the Canadian spirit, the Manitoba spirit, that if you believe in something, stay committed."

Over the years, Dyck notes there have been a number of false starts in the community such as the Niverville pool project that never came to completion but the town never gave up and now they have this amazing facility.

r culture and our heritage.” notes Mayor Dyck, “It is an opportunity for us to remember and honour the original culture and heritage that was here before the settlers arrived and that is our wonderful indigenous friends and neighbours. So, with the various photos and memorabilia that will be up there, it will be a chance to honour them as well as to those that came up the Red River and settled in this area and chose this to be home."

The CRRC is also connected to the Niverville high school by an indoor hallway. The school’s drama room and band room are both a part of the new facility and they are currently working on user agreements for things like tournaments.

Though day camps will begin running in the CRRC as early as next week, there are still many finishing touches that are needed before the facility can be labelled complete.

According to managing staff, they plan to put ice in the new rink for the first time in mid-August.