With the weather warming up and summer around the corner, Niverville residents may be wondering why the splash park is not open. 

Warren Britton, the Recreation and Facility Manager for the Town of Niverville says that the park needs maintenance. 

“The Niverville Splash Pad opened in 2016, so that's kind of part of the battle. We're dealing with some aging infrastructure.” 

He discusses some of the issues and reasons why the park has been unable to open. 

“We had a pipe burst on us and a couple of leaks we’ve never seen before,” explains Britton. “We’re having some issues with a few of the mechanical pieces. We are working through it with our staff here, as well as the company we use. They’ve been out a few times to try and work through the problems, but it seems like every time we think we’re good to go, it’ll run for half a day or so and then we get another alarm.” 

Britton continues, “Weirdly enough, at times this year we’ve had situations where the system did not alarm us, so we didn’t know that there was a problem until we went to do filter cleaning the next day or in that evening and found out that the units not running.” 

Fortunately, the park has been safe from vandalization so far this year and Britton hopes it remains that way. 

“We’ve always had really good luck,” he says. “We have had residents provide feedback on vandalism, we’ve had them call 911. Generally, garbage in that area is pretty good. People seem to be very respectful in that area, which is really nice to see.” 

Britton and his team are very busy working on getting the park ready and he says they hope to be open this week.  

“We are going to keep plugging away and my staff are working really hard on that, but obviously they have a lot of other responsibilities as well,” he explains. “Between maintaining soccer fields, baseball diamonds, and a bunch of other things, they’re trying to find the time and make sure that they’re giving every piece the appropriate amount and trying to get the splash pads up and running and hopefully we don’t see any alarms once it’s fully up.” 

Once the park is open, the hours of operation will be 10am to 7pm. 

Stay up to date with Niverville news and the opening of the Splash Park on the Town of Niverville website.  

-With files from Adi Loewen