Penner International will be moving from their current location at the corner of Highway 12 and Millwork Drive to the outskirts of Steinbach. 

In 2020, a large trucking company from Quebec called C.A.T. Global purchased Penner International. On Thursday, at Penner's 100th-anniversary celebration, C.A.T.'s Chief Executive Officer Daniel Goyette announced the move from downtown Steinbach. 

“The terminal was in a great location 100 years ago.” He adds, “Penner International was pretty much outside of the town when they built it and now, our intent is to bring that same approach, the outskirts of Steinbach but still in the City of Steinbach. A better location at the corner of a red light so it is easier for the drivers to get in and out on the main highway." 

Not only will this be a better location for their truck drivers, but it will also ensure that Penner Internation has less of an effect on local traffic and congestion downtown. 

Goyette notes this move will allow them to modernize their facilities and bring them up to the standards of 2023. He notes says will be moving to Northgate Drive behind Integrity Ventures. 

“Right behind the Volvo dealer. They are going to extend the road and that is where the terminal is. It's 25 acres and we are also taking the option for another 50 acres behind it so we are going to be here for a long time.” 

Allan Penner, Former Owner of Penner International, says he is excited by this announcement.  

He notes “I think it is a great reinforcement by the Goyette family that they are here to stay, this company is here to stay, and it is an investment in the community, in the province, and in western Canada.” 

Goyette says this will be a great location for Penner International's next 100 years.