A proposed subdivision south of Mitchell is not finding favour from all neighbours in the area.

Arthur Pauls, on behalf of his parents, has proposed the development along Road 30E, north of Road 34N. Pauls is hoping to develop approximately 65 acres of land into 29 rural residential lots. To the east of this site is an existing rural residential development and to the west is a gravel pit.

A public hearing on the matter was held Wednesday in Hanover Council chambers. Several neighbours voiced their opposition. One of those neighbours is Dave Fehr who operates a gravel pit nearby. Fehr says the more people you add to the area, the greater the chance that more people will be aggravated with his pit. 

Fehr notes the subdivision would go up off of his haul road; a road he says frequently sees a lot of young people playing. Further to that, Fehr says he would not want to see drainage from those new lots swamp his land.

"They are moving into my property, I was there first," Fehr told Council, noting if there is gravel to be extracted from his property, he will continue doing that, even if he begins creeping closer to the proposed subdivision.

Similar to Fehr, neighbour Kymberlee Martens told Council she is "vehemently against this subdivision." Martens says 29 lots is excessive, suggesting that road will not be able to keep up with increased traffic and fearing there may not be enough well water to go around. 

Tricia Fontaine-Unger told Council that new residents moving into that area will complain of noise coming from the gravel pit. She says the road is not in great shape and says the turnoff is terrifying at the Road 30E and Highway 52 intersection. 

"Drainage is also a huge concern for us," adds Fontaine-Unger.

Hanover Council also received a letter from Edward and Maria Harder, who noted their objection to the subdivision because of drainage concerns and the potential increase in property taxes. The letter also states that subdivision could add more farming restrictions to the area. 

Meanwhile, Pauls addressed Council, acknowledging this subdivision will not benefit everyone, but suggesting it could favour those looking for an acreage while being in close proximity to the conveniences of Mitchell and Steinbach. 

Hanover Councillor Jim Funk suggested they adjourn the hearing to September 14 at 9:30 am. This would allow them to do more research before making a decision. Hanover Reeve Stan Toews says because of the adjournment, the public will still get a chance to speak for or against on September 14.