Changes are underway as the Rural Municipality of Ste. Anne transitions to a different recycling service provider. 

The municipality awarded the contract to Emterra Environmental. 

Reeve Paul Saindon says the transition is underway as Eastman Recycling Services has cleaned up their recycling sheds from depots in the municipality.

Image of recycling depot in RM of Ste Anne.2016 Photo of a recycling depot in the RM of Ste. Anne. All depots will look different with the sheds cleaned up and replaced with metal bins from Emterra Environmentals.

He says we can expect to see Emterra containers at those locations. 

“If there are no containers or sheds available, I would strongly suggest that you hang on to your recycling, as much as it may be unpleasant, for at least a few days until you see containers,” Saindon says. “And not just throw it in a pile where you think it used to be before.” 

Saindon notes that council is still working out an arrangement to best service the locations that were receiving individual pick-up of recyclables. 

“We’re looking to talk to them and try to figure out something so that they can perhaps bring a bin to those specific sites and keep everything going the way it was,” he says. “We certainly don't want those recycling items to end up in the landfill because that ends up being counterproductive and costs us as well.” 

Saindon points out the recycling containers, large metal bins, might be mistaken for garbage bins and he hopes there will be adequate signage to make sure people understand that only recyclable containers should be deposited. 

If the bins are not already in place, the reeve says they will arrive shortly. 

“It’s those lidded containers that a truck picks up and dumps automatically,” he says. 

Saindon urges us to make sure that only recyclables are going into the bins.

The R.M. of Ste. Anne, along with the City of Steinbach and other municipalities, were notified in January that Eastman Recycling Services was ending operations this year. That news sent local governments in search of new service providers.