The Canadian Food Inspection Agency Seed Regulatory Modernization Survey is set to wrap up May 1st.

The online survey covering seed crops only opened in February as part of the CFIA's efforts to modernize the Seed Regulations.

The CFIA is looking for input from businesses, farm organizations, the seed and grain sector, farmers, seed growers, analysts, developers, and conditioners.

Anyone interested in variety registration, sampling, testing and grading of seed, or the sale, import and export of seed is encouraged to participate.

In addition, there are also general questions on the establishment of an Advisory Committee and its Role in Standard Setting, including Crop Varietal Purity Standards, the establishment of a Digital End-to-End Seed Certification Information Management System and the establishment of an Alternative Service Delivery Arrangement with the Canadian Seed Growers' Association for certain seed certification tasks currently done by CFIA

Once the survey is complete the CFIA will begin working on their "What we heard" report followed up by a policy paper and in-person stakeholder consultations at five locations across Canada to get input on the CFIA's proposed direction.

The CFIA's Seed Regulatory Modernization Survey can be found here.