Bathrooms at the Niverville Splash Pad in Hespler Park were vandalized on the night of May 18. Since then, repairs have been completed and as of May 25, they are once again usable.  

However, during Niverville Town Council Tuesday morning, Mayor Myron Dyck put out an ask for help. Dyck noted in his Mayor’s Report that they had a fairly good idea who did it, though he would rather the individuals come forward.  

“If you're involved, we would ask that you would turn yourselves in. Parents, if you hear your children talking about something that may have happened at the splash pad, you know if they could encourage their friends, or if it happens to be your child, to come forward.” 

Dyck continued, “Unfortunately, police records are not great. And as a community, you know, we understand that things happen and if they were to turn themselves in, perhaps we can avoid the need of having to go to someone, getting a police record, whether they're a juvenile or whether they're not. You know, we understand.” 

Dyck says they are willing to work with parents and youth in addressing the vandalism.  

“I mean it might not seem like a big deal when you're young, but these police records follow you all your life and they do restrict you and it's unfortunate.” 

Dyck notes the damage to the bathrooms was severe enough that the town had to use money from their Rec Budget.  

“It's in the 10’s of thousands of dollars. And that's our Rec budget that spent money on repairing the washrooms instead of doing some other things to parks and amenities, and programs we'd rather have done this year, which we will now not be able to do.” 

Dyck invites anyone who knows anything about the vandalism to call the town office at 1-204-388-4600 ext 3.

“We're willing to listen. We're willing to be reasonable, but we would really appreciate it that if you know these individuals encourage them to turn themselves in.” 

Dyck says the town has not submitted a police report, although the RCMP does know about it.

Splash Pad at Niverville's Hespler ParkSplash Pad at Niverville's Hespler Park 

From Niverville Rec Facebook post from May 19th:  

Due to vandalism of the Splash Pad washrooms in Hespeler Park last night (May 18th), we will be closing the Splash Pad washrooms for this weekend until they can be repaired.  

If anyone has information regarding the vandalism, please contact St.Pierre RCMP at 204-433-7433  

Sorry for the inconvenience.