Dave Mikkola has been a truck driver for almost 50 years, and is currently working for By’s Transport out of St. Adolphe. 

He participated in the annual truck driving challenge run by the Manitoba Trucking Association and won first place earlier this month.

The class he drives, and competed in, is Super-B, which Mikkola explains are double trailers.

“You've probably seen them running around that haul grain all over the place. Well, that's what I do.” 

In previous years he competed, he had earned second and third place, but this was his first time winning first. 

While winning the competition is a great achievement, Mikkola’s 5.2 million accident-free miles is even more impressive. 

“I worked for Penner International for 23 years, and there I had 22 years of safe driving.” 

The competition has three parts, starting with a skills competition. 

“You have eight to 10 different obstacles that you have to maneuver your vehicle around and back these double set trailers into a parking spot.” 

The other two parts are detecting defective parts on a truck and a 25-question written exam. 

“So it's a full day of events. And you watch other guys compete and at the end of the day, you have a reward banquet, and they decide who the winners are according to their scores.” 

He says winning the award this year wasn’t much of a surprise to him. 

“I figured I'd done really well because the judges were giving me the thumbs up, so it kind of gave me a good feeling.” 


With files from Carly Koop