The Steinbach Curling Club held a meeting Thursday night to gauge the interest of members in proceeding on talks with the city about a new building. The city initiated the discussion as part of the land package for the new credit union building.

Curling club President Doug Wiens says the city has not made any concrete offer at this point. "A new building is in the talk. We would like to see something more concrete. Next we wait for an offer to purchase from the city or the powers that be."

As for the Thursday meeting, Wiens explains, "We asked the membership that showed up for a general consensus about what they would like to do. The general consensus was they would like the board of directors to move forward in discussions as to where the city sees us in their future plans."

Wiens says the members who attended the meeting were supportive of continuing the discussions. He notes, once there is an offer for the building and once the board has developed a proposal on the cost for a new facility, a formal meeting will be called where members can vote on the plan.
Wiens says the earliest possible timeline for a new club would be 2014 if that's what members decide to do.

Some members chat after the meeting