Residents and anyone passing by may notice a large barn fire on the east side of Steinbach Tuesday evening. 

Sam Murray with the Steinbach Fire Department says they have a training exercise planned for 7 PM. 

“We were approached by the Steinbach Hatchery to take down and do a live burn tonight on one of their properties that we had previously been using for training. So, we spent the morning prepping it to make it as safe as possible so that we can burn it down and hopefully it won't take too long.” 

The barn is located at 520 Loewen Boulevard which is right next to the Hespeler Street intersection.

two barns covered in snow (GW)

Being quite a large building, Murray says most people in the area will be able to see some fire and smoke for about a half hour. 

“We also spent some of the morning informing some of the residents in the area on Lindhurst that they may see some smoke and flame for a little while but to not worry, and not call 911, we've got everything under control.” 

Those passing by are also asked to refrain from calling 911 on this intentional fire.  

Murray notes this type of exercise is very valuable for our local firefighters. 

“We're going to be spending some of the evening doing some relay pumping, doing some drafting from portable tanks and then spending some time spraying some water and getting some practice with some live fire.”