It is the 2023-24 season preview with Steinbach Pistons Head Coach Paul Dyck. 

Coming off a championship last year with a lot of new faces this year, Dyck says they have seen some really good carry over. 

“There are nine returning players, and there is no question they are driving the culture, the intensity in practice, the preparation, so that’s been really good.” 

He says they certainly had their hiccups last year, but the group was very resilient, persistent, and somewhat stubborn.  

“Which are qualities when channeled in the right direction, we saw some really positive results so that’s been big.” 

A lot of the key guys are looking at what it takes to win a National Championship, and that takes being the best of the best everyday. 

“It’s a lofty goal, we feel it’s an attainable goal, you have to strive for it. I think the guys, there’s no question, they want to be playing hockey in May again as we did last year.” 


He says the players are very proud that they accomplished that last year. 

“I think the guys that have come in this year, they also have an understanding prior to arrival what the expectations are. We’ve had those conversations, if you’re coming here, you’re going to be a part of hopefully something special.” 

Dyck says it’s also incredibly important to develop these men as people. 

“Getting involved in the community and skating with minor hockey and getting into the schools, those are some of the greatest memories they are going to take with them and cherish, and the relationships with their billets. We’re already seeing those friendships develop, and they have only been here a short period of time.” 


With files from Dave Anthony 


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