A young woman from Steinbach is running 20 marathons in just 4 weeks to raise funds for Midway Bible Camp in northern Manitoba by Thompson.  

Doro Schulz is fundraising for Midway Bible Camp as they are moving to a new location and building a new campsite.  

“The runs are to raise awareness and to inspire people to perhaps donate if they have the money for it.”  

She explains her reason for running so many marathons.  

“The 20 marathons represent the approximate distance from Steinbach to Thompson.”  

This is not the first time Schulz has done a fundraiser for the bible camp, as in 2022 she ran 73km for 73 years of Midway Bible Camp.  

Schulz says although she was happy to run the distance, technically, it should have been shorter. 

"We accidentally did the math wrong, they didn't turn 73 that year, the camp director gave me the wrong year. They're turning 70 this year. It was totally accidental, but it was funny. And it was something we laughed about later.”  

Her first marathon was on May 20th, and her twentieth and final marathon will be this Sunday, June 16th where she will be running in Thompson.  

She says some runs have been great, while others have been rough.  

“There's been good days and some bad days, but overall it's been actually really positive.”  

Schulz notes that very early on, she injured her IT band, which runs along the side of the leg up to the glutes.  

“It started acting up and I thought I had to throw in the towel after the second marathon, but I took a rest day the next day, people prayed over it, and I had seen my chiropractor. And then on the third marathon, the pain was completely gone and I could keep running." 

Since then, she has felt some pain in her IT band, but notes it hasn’t been too bad.  

Schulz says she started her running journey as a way to deal with psychological stress, as in 2018, her family went through a lot.  

“My grandfather passed away, and then two weeks after his passing, my sister was diagnosed with breast cancer. She lives out in Germany, so I went to live with her for six months to take care of her kids and the household a little bit while she went through treatments. And then a few months after that, my mom got diagnosed with cancer, and then three months after her, my grandmother did.”  

The women in her family are now all in remission.  

She says while she was in Germany, she started running as a way to cope with everything in life, and since then, it has turned into one of her passions.  

“Running kind of just opened up a way for me to pray, to meditate, to feel free from the burdens that we're going on in my family. God used running to heal me from anxiety and panic attacks.”  

Schulz says this passion for running has been a gift, and now she wants to give back.  

“God has given me this passion of running, and I would like to give back to a camp that has impacted my Christian walk as a teenager and young adult.”  

To donate toward the cause, visit midwaybiblecamp.com or click here.