Steinbach is following a provincial and national trend that is seeing homeownership on the decline. 

Data released this week by Statistics Canada from the 2021 Census shows 61.7 per cent of homes in Steinbach are occupied by their owner. The other homes are being rented. That is lower than the provincial average of 67.4 per cent and the national average of 66.5 per cent. 

These percentages have all dropped since the 2016 Census when 64.8 per cent of homes in Steinbach were occupied by their owner, compared to 68.7 per cent in Manitoba and 67.8 per cent in Canada.

In taking a closer look at the numbers, there are 6,825 homes in Steinbach, up from 6,025 in 2016. The most common type of home in Steinbach continues to be the two-bedroom. 

When you look at the year of construction, more than half of all homes in Steinbach were built prior to 2000 and nearly one-third of them were constructed before 1980. 

According to the 2021 Census, there are 205 homes in Steinbach that need major repairs, which is down from 230 homes needing major repairs in the 2016 Census.

And, when breaking down the number of private households by age of the primary maintainer, the highest percentage falls in the 35 to 44-year-old demographic. That has changed from the 2016 Census when the highest percentage was in the 25 to 34-year-old demographic.