Accessibility is important to Steinbach residents and Mayor Earl Funk says it is also important to the city. 

During his monthly Open Door Day for May, Funk says there were three people waiting to see him as soon as he arrived at his office to open the door. 

He reports it was a positive day with some insight into problematic areas for people who live with mobility challenges. 

Funk says each visit started and ended on a positive note, with residents expressing appreciation and offering suggestions on how to make the city a better place. 

“It’s difficult when you park in a handicap parking spot, and it's narrow, or there's a curb next to it, and there's no cutaway to roll up with a scooter or a wheelchair,” he explains. “It just compounds the difficulty of going away, of going places.” 

It was also pointed out that some sidewalks are not friendly to pedestrians who use mobility aids due to overgrown shrubs and tree branches extending into the walking path. 

“What I did was I gave all this information to Adam Thiessen; he would be our corporate services manager. And he’s going to look into our facilities and make sure that our facilities are very friendly to people who have mobility issues.” 

Funk says city staff will also work on trimming shrubs and trees that are on city property, to make sure sidewalks and walking paths are clear. 

If there are problem areas that are on private property, the mayor says they will inform the owner of the issue and make sure it’s taken care of. 

Looking back on each visit with each resident during the May Open Door Day, Funk says it feels good to know that residents care about the city and appreciate the many things that make Steinbach a great place to live. It’s also important, he says, for people to highlight areas that need improvement. 

Funk also asks the public to contact the city office to report areas of concern regarding accessibility.